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Determining when and where to deploy your next recruitment campaign can be daunting. How do you find qualified and interested candidates where they want to be found?

Radio recruitment.

Realistically, there are dozens upon dozens of job search websites. There are websites for specific industries, income brackets, and everything in between.

The last place you might think to advertise your job openings would be on the radio. In reality, that’s one of the first places you should consider. When you place your listing in the newspaper or on one of the hundreds of job search websites, you’re only reaching candidates who are actively looking for a job. In essence, you’ve narrowed down your audience to the current unemployment rate. Which, currently in Tennessee, is at 3.3 percent. That’s an awfully small percentage of the populace you’re reaching out to.


When you use the radio to advertise your job openings, you’ll reach everyone. Radio is still a very popular and relevant medium - and not just for advertising or business promotion. Reaching everyone is exactly what you need when recruiting. Instead of talking to those who are out of work and/or looking for a job, you can reach those who are gainfully employed and may be persuaded to switch careers if the right job comes along. They’re not actively looking, but they’re not completely uninterested in a career change either.

There’s more to utilizing radio for recruitment than listing your posting on-air or pushing listeners to your website to apply. When you partner with Radio 7 Media for your recruitment campaign, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your brand to foster attraction and awareness

  • Leverage your existing team for impact statements and testimonies

  • Have a clear call-to-action for listeners to take the next step in the job process

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